Unexpected Issues That Require the Attention of Gastroenterologists Asbury Park NJ Clinic Cites 4

Most people tend to think that people who suffer from incontinence, IBD (inflammatory bowel disease), ulcerative colitis, cancer, and Crohn’s disease are the only ones who should be visiting gastroenterologists Asbury Park NJ health professionals from specialist clinics state, however, that there are other physical health issues that such medical professionals can truly help with, especially if a treatment program has to be designed.

The said clinic has rounded up four of these health concerns. If you have one of them, perhaps it’s time to pay a visit to a gastroenterologist to determine the cause and what needs to be done to effectively and speedily correct the situation.


  1. Joint pains
  • It’s so easy to dismiss these pains as being caused by arthritis, but studies reveal that in a lot of cases, it’s not automatically arthritis that causes such physical discomfort. If you suffer from IBD, it’s quite likely that it’s triggering the pains. Therefore, if you’re looking for a well-rounded pain management program, consulting and getting a checkup from a gastroenterologist is a must.
  1. Poor eyesight
  • IBD can also have a direct impact on eye health. Most people with IBD tend to develop a variety of eye conditions, such as cataracts and the depletion of nutrients that help maintain the proper functioning of the eyes. Aside from cataracts, other eye conditions that may be due or are related to IBD are uveitis, glaucoma, and episcleritis.
  1. Sleep difficulty or insomnia
  • Folks with IBD often have trouble sleeping. What’s even more complicated about it is that it’s not just IBD that can lead to insomnia; low quality sleep can also cause IBD to worsen. Therefore, it’s crucial for a gastroenterologist to be included the medical team treating people who suffer from insomnia.
  1. Poor skin
  • In Eastern medicine, healthy digestion is just as important in maintaining good skin as a daily skin care regimen. In fact, a lot of Asians turn to acupuncturists to help improve their digestive health so skin woes can be eliminated. Similarly, a specialist in digestive system functioning is definitely someone who can help ensure the proper functioning of the digestive system so skin issues like sallowness, breakouts, rashes, and other types of skin irritation can be treated more effectively.
  • It’s worth noting as well that it’s highly common for people with IBD to experience skin issues such as Pyoderma gangrenosum, aphthous ulcers, and erythema nodosum.

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