RestAssure ™

The RestAssure ™ procedure is a new and innovative approach to treating rectal fissures, perianal itching and perianal fistulas. Developed by Rada Shakov , MD the procedure requires no surgery, no cutting and no down time.

We draw your blood and concentrate the platelets. The platelets aid in tissue healing. At the same time the platelets release growth factors that recruit your own stem cells to regenerate new tissue and vessels at the treatment area. This system, known as PRP or platelet rich plasma, has been used for years in wound care and by orthopedists for joint injections.

Maximal effectiveness may occur in 3 months but relief may be felt as soon as 3 weeks from the date of the procedure. All results are not equal, but if you are tired of suffering, if you are tired of medications that don’t work, then RestAssure ™ may be right for you. Call and make an appointment to speak with Dr Shakov. You may be the perfect candidate to RestAssure ™.