Your Search for Gastroenterologists in Howell, NJ Ends at Apex Gastro

We welcome you to Apex Gastro. Aimed at providing patients unmatched expertise, compassion, reliability, and follow-up care, our professionals create a benchmark in the world of gastroenterology.

Your Health is Our Concern

Noted for housing the best gastroenterologists in Howell, NJ, Apex Gastro also carves a niche for its innovative approach to diagnosis. We strive to make the best possible decisions for your health. With that said, you can now choose the best gastro care in Howell, NJ.

Know us Better

Our friendly and experienced staff carves a niche for their superior care in a concerned and warm ambience. Dr. Rada Shakov is a board qualified gastroenterologist who takes care of various gastroenterology and liver problems. Besides, all of our team members maintain superior levels of accreditation and continue updating themselves from time to time to stay informed about the changing trends in gastroenterology.


Our Friendly Staff Attending One of our Patients

At Apex Gastro, you can expect authentic diagnosis of your problems. Our board certified gastroenterologists in Howell, NJ treat various gastrointestinal and liver problems. Common conditions that the practitioners treat on a routine basis include colon cancer screening, abdominal pain, Crohn’s disease, and many others. We are skilled at Esophagogastroduodenoscopy, a modern procedure to examine the stomach, duodenum, and esophagus.

Our Procedures to Serve Your Better

With the best gastroenterologists in Howell, NJ taking care of your gastro problems, you know you are in safe hands. We focus on providing the best abdominal health to our patients. Some of our patent procedures include:

Colonoscopy: Our dieticians will chalk out a low residue diet for you. You must start having this diet two days before the scheduled procedure. This is perhaps the best diet you can have to initiate a clean out process. Once your colon is cleaned adequately, the doctors can look for possible lesions or polyps.

The RestAssure ™ procedure: It is a fresh and unique approach to healing rectal fissures, perianal itching, as well as perianal fistulas. Introduced by Rada Shakov, MD the procedure can be done without any surgery, cutting, and down time. For maximum effectiveness, our physicians suggest waiting for at least three months.

Apex Gastro aims at establishing a long term bond with you and providing you the best possible care. We are only a call away from our patients. For any queries you can either call us or make an appointment with one our esteemed physicians.