Experience Tremendous & Trusted Gastro Care from Gastroenterologists in Red Bank, NJ

Connect with the most acute and sensible gastroenterologists in Red Bank, NJ. At Apex Gastro, we provide specialized care for your gastrointestinal problems. Our practitioners have been taking care of patients in Red Bank, NJ for several years now. A majority of them hold a specific degree or rather have pursued advanced training in gastroenterology to serve these types of patients better.

We do not employ anyone who does not fulfill a certain mission for us. Every one of our employees is valuable and qualified in every position they have been hired for.

Our qualified practitioners promise to provide quality solutions to your gastrointestinal disorders. The physicians conduct a screening test to confirm or rule out malignancies of the liver, gastrointestinal tract, and colon.


Another Satisfied Patient after Receiving our Care via the Practitioners at Apex Gastro

Our Unique Services for a Healthy GI Tract

With several procedures offered by the gastroenterologists in Red Bank, NJ, often it becomes a cumbersome task to find the best way out. Thankfully, our experienced physicians will guide you throughout to discover the treatment choice that best meets your prevailing condition. Two of our trusted gastro care services have been included below:

Esophagogastroduodenoscopy: Apex Gastro is home to experienced gastroenterologists who make sure to perform the procedure with dedicated care. In this process, a flexible tube is used with a camera and light to examine the stomach, duodenum, and esophagus. During the process, they look for ulcers, inflammation, tumors, and bleeding.

The RestAssure ™ procedure: We offer an innovative approach to heal problems such as perianal itching, rectal fissures, and perianal fistulas. Initiated by Rada Shakov, MD the procedure is devoid of any surgery, cutting, and down time. Though our physicians guarantee maximal effectiveness in 3 months, however patients can feel relieving symptoms within 3 weeks or so. The treatment procedure is a perfect choice for those who haven’t yet attained any positive results from the medication(s).

Our Gastro Care Sparkles

We provide state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment facilities to patients. Our gastroenterologists in Red Bank, NJ are highly qualified and skilled in identifying the root cause and then introducing a custom health plan that matches your health issue. At Apex Gastro, you are not just a bunch of faulty organs; instead you are an individual suffering from ailments and in need of our care so you can resume your productive and loving life.

Apex Gastro is a ray of hope for patients with abdominal complaints. With the joint efforts of our physicians, nurses and dieticians we aim to provide high quality care on a consistent basis to our patients. Make an appointment with the desired physician and learn about your unique treatment choices.